Andrea is “Ms. Entrepreneur” at heart. She’s a big picture, big idea person, taking new ideas
and creative thinking to build something unique and captivating in collaboration with others.
After graduating from law school in 2002, she started as a practicing attorney, but soon became
immersed in marketing and real estate investing.
For quite some time now, her personal passion has been upon natural health and wellness and
caring for the body. She is driven to help others function at their absolute best and heal
themselves, given the right environment and support. She truly loves helping people chart their
own personal health journey. And that journey has been so rewarding in meeting new people
and staying connected with old friends.
Andrea absolutely loves being a new resident of Delray Beach. You can sometimes find her
catching the sunrise, walking on the sand, toes in the water, or reading a book in a shady spot
on a local beach. A global traveler, Andrea has visited over 32 countries and intends to visit at
least 32 more.